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Choosing the Right Data Science and Big Data Analytics Courses

Posted by Vincent Bongolan on

In choosing the right courses on Data Science, take those courses that focus and based on the industry rather than those curated by purely academic. Industry based courses will lead you to the actual needs in the market and industry. 



Long before the Pandemic Outbreak, We can see that there will be a big leap and explosion of careers in Data Science and Analytics professionals that is why we are very confident that this area in Technology and field of expertise plays a big role in Digital Transformation.

That is where we started.

Data engine Training and Consultancy was born to cater the demands for Analytics. We are true to our envisioned Mission and Vision that we are going to produce more than 500 Data Science and analytics professionals in the next 5 years, thus we provide a wide spectrum of services that are based on the market demands and the need of the industries today.

We provide Trainings, Seminars, workshops and bootcamps related to Data Science and analytics courses. In addition, we are a very proud partners of a well-known E-Learning Platforms for us to reach greater market and for us to make our envisioned Mission and Vision come true. All our courses are carefully drafted and curated based on the actual need of the market. We decided to remove the academic foundations of all the courses because of the urgent need of the market for the analytics professionals.

We are also a proud provider of other analytics solutions and services in the Areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics Process Automation, and all other areas in Data Science. We provide scalable and seamless solutions embedding the most advanced Technology.

Market exposures is becoming online and virtual nowadays, that is why we envisioned to become the first if not the best online solutions for most enterprises which includes website development and applications. We are also doing our best to provide solution incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation, and all other areas.

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