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Do we have a choice than having a Virtual Classroom?

Posted by Vincent Bongolan on

The world was struck and swayed by the sudden catastrophe that affects the Government and Business Sectors in every society. Lockdown was implemented all over the world to prevent the virus from spreading.

Each Government have come up with different plans, strategies, and solution to cope up with the situations. Different Governments have placed the counties from different protocols from Hard Lockdown, Total Lockdown, to General Community Quarantine to prepare each sector for gradual return to the business.

Education is one of the sectors that are highly affected. In the Philippines, it is currently being discuss whether to start the classes by August 2020 or will come up with a different set-up such as Virtual School, or the On-line School.

According to the research conducted by the SRI International, Students who studied online pass test by 9% better than those students who went to a face-to-face schooling. The question that we from the Etech International are thinking is that what made an Online Class better than the face-to-face interaction.

Teacher in a campus will discuss the lesson to the different groups or individuals with different learning ability and some do not care about the other who have a very slow understanding. Slow learner will always be set-aside while fast learners can immediately adopt and understand the lesson.

With the use of the modern e-learning tools should allow the instructors and students to create, edit, modify and comment on all the materials as long as there is/are strong connectivity and access to the world-wide-web. Teachers can make the online class interesting and it depends on their expertise to pass the knowledge to their students. They should be able to get the engagement from their students for them to become an effective teacher. There are some online platforms that are made available for online discussion such as google classroom, zoom, teams, etc.

Since students are very much into gadgets, like mobile phones, tablets, etc. In this gadget, students and teachers can collaborate with this very portable monitor.


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