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How Technology Helped Me During My Bankruptcy

Posted by Vincent Bongolan on

Year 2016 when I lost my job because of a false judgement of the company management where I am I attached as a Sr. Investment Analyst. I have a very good facebook friend who is very passionate about data. He is a foreigner and have a very good connections and he is a businessman and entrepreneur by heart. He is also a Data Scientist, A speaker, a lecturer, and he is really great in his field. We haven't met personally, but I admired him because of his passion in Data Science.

In short, I want to be like him. I want to fulfill my promise to my parents when I was a kid. I am a PWD (Person With Disability) and I grew up in a far flung area in the province where there is no electricity until my High School Days (Sophomore). I was born by a poor family. My heart is crying every time my parents was invited to barangay hall because of their debts being growing and unpaid. I couldn't do anything to help them and so I was motivated to pursue finish my schooling despite of my disability. We are 5 siblings in the family and I am the second from the eldest. We lost our property and land inherited from my grandparents because our parents sold it to support our education.

Five years after my graduation, I invited my parents and my whole family for a week vacation in Malolos, Bulacan. We we're entering the subdivision and they taught that I have a friend there who invited us for their family gatherings. (Teary eyes as I am writing this). When we get there, everything was already set. Foods are prepared.

After checking the whole area, they were amazed because it has everything - Smart TV, Electric Fans, Stove, Beds, Cabinets, Sala Set, Kitchen Set. Nothing to asked for. It has everything.

Before lunch, I went to the parish church to pick-up the priest to bless the whole area. Everyone is very quiet and listening to the priest, until they heard, "bless the owner of this house - Vincent. We're discussing about this few weeks ago and he said that it was really a dream come true. He worked so hard to have this house and I pray to Lord to continue guiding as he has a very loving heart. A very humble dream".

Year 2016 when I went bankrupt, remember the person I admire for his passion in Data Science? He posted an announcement to his facebook timeline and he is looking for someone who is willing to become part of the book that he writing. He is looking for someone who is a graduate of Statistics and so I volunteered. After few days, I was invited to go after the HR office for some confidential discussion. To cut the story short, I was charged for grave misconduct and for the conflict of interest. It was not a conflict of interest because I do not received any payment and in fact, there was no interview yet. It was just a plain response to his post. I lost my job and they did not allow me to go back to my station. they just gave me all my stuffs at the reception.

I called up my banks to please terminate all my credit cards so I can't used it anymore because I lost my job and I don't want to borrow. I received my separation pay after more than a month and I decided to go to Singapore to look for an opportunity but to no avail. I go back to Philippines without any centavo and I don't know where to get money to pay my House and Lot in Bulacan. I applied from one job to another almost everyday for 8 hours as if I am working. I also bargain for a lower salary rate just to give me chance, but to no avail.

I am really bankrupt because of being jobless for a year. Until one day, I received a notification a letter from a bank saying that I need to surrender my house and lot. I was really hopeless and it was a very traumatic experience for me because of being jobless for a year. My credit cards are also checking on my whereabouts and been calling me multiple times in a day. They even sent my account to a collection agencies and I am being harassed. I have so many sleepless nights to the point that I almost lose hope and I am really afraid of going out.

During that time, I am reading some LinkedIn articles until I saw the story of Leza Klenk and how she was able to survived during her struggle. I contacted her and ask for some help. She is very responsive and maybe she was also touched by my story and so she gave me an access to her beauty line - Spendless Cosmetics. She gave me a reseller account with no obligation to pay for the royalty or for any start up membership. 

I did everything to survive. 

I even try to sell something from to our neighborhood, until I decided to use my skills in Data Science, and Statistics. I decided to write a lecture to UDEMY and luckily It was approved. 

I even joined and subscribed to a marketing funnel to promote my class. I also developed websites, applications.

I now have 2 units of condominiums and currently offered for Airbnb. A 2-Bredroom Condomnium and a Studio Type Unit in Cubao, Quezon City. Aside from a Condominium, I also able to buy 3 cars and it was registered for grab operations. 

How I survived? I'll tell you in my next post.

Thank you for reading.




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