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How Technology Helped Me During my Bankruptcy

Posted by Umar Farooq on

I am jobless for more than a year probably because of my previous salary. Only few companies were able to offer at least 20% higher than my previous or even the same salary. I even haggle to received three times less than my previous salary, but I still failed. I borrowed money from my Aunt, but they do not have something to lend even few hundreds.

I went totally bankrupt in 2017, I lost my house and lot in Malolos, Bulacan for non-payment for a year. I even sold my secondhand car just to sustain my day-to-day living in the City. I am hopeless, and I was drunk every day because I was terribly on the verge of losing my mind. Everyday, my phone was ringing, and I am afraid to accept because I am pretty sure that it was from a collection agency. I told them to please hang-on, I am waiting for a call from any company I applied and how can I find a job if they cannot able to call me for an interview. I am receiving a call almost every minute from the collection agency and it was very traumatic situation. Some collection agencies are hunting me at my residence. They even waiting for me until 10 in the evening. As if I am a criminal and they were afraid if I escape.

I blamed the people behind my termination, I even told them through their friends and colleagues that we will meet again. But it does not help me. But at the end of the day, I realized that I am just inviting more negative thoughts.

One day, I tried to explore the opportunity of selling beauty products through online.  It was not easy to sell products for so many reasons, it was not my forte. I am not into selling. I am sick of this game and of this very difficult struggle.

I pray to God. I cried myself and asked what is wrong with me. I woke up one day and assess what is left with me. I realized that I have a degree taken back in College.

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I have asked myself what is my goal? And how to achieve that goal. Basically, I need a job. But how can I sell my skills and competencies to companies. I need to promote it. I am reading the internet until I discovered one strategy – I need to promote my CV to the internet. While I am promoting my CV to the internet, I need to find some source of capital for the advertisement.

I discovered google adsense. I did my best to explore adsense and how I get paid. I have used the money to finance the advertisement of my CVs. After a week, I started receiving phone calls abroad. I turned off my mobile phone and created a whatsapp to received calls.

Because of the successful strategy, I decided to write an online guide on how to start a business. Many people bought my online guide and I started receiving dollars. Last quarter of 2017, I received a job offer from Malaysia – The Center for Applied Data Science. This is because of the marketing channel that I am subscribed with to promote my CV or to promote my Skills and Competencies and populate it in the google search. But subscribing in this platform is not easy as paying the subscription, you must do something on how to configure it the way you want it to help you. It depends upon your goal. My goal that time is to populate my CV over search engines like google, yahoo, facebook, youtube, etc. It did not fail me.

This is the Book I have written before

 January 2018, I flew to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to attend the onboarding training and to sign a contract as Data Scientist at the Center for Applied Data Science. I have used the money I have earned from google to pay my plane ticket although I was able to reimburse it from the company. After my training, I went back to the Philippines to process my employment requirements.

While I am preparing the requirements, I start creating a video-lecture module on how to start a business with a very minimum capital. I made sure that I did not missed any procedures I have gone through to overcome with the struggle; thus, this is the comprehensive guide on how to start having a business online

To populate and help me market my CV in the search engines, I also subscribe to this platform. I also mentioned and discussed the step-by-step procedures on how to configure and use this platform.

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I am very thankful to God because He made me realize that nothing to worry about. He will give you the worst struggle in your life for you to focus on him and for you to maximize the skills and competencies that he gave you. As of this writing, I am not a millionaire yet, I am still the same person.

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I was able to buy two units of condominium in Cubao, Quezon City and listed these to Airbnb. I also able to fix and remodeled my parent’s house in Nueva Ecija.  I also have three cars and I registered this to Grab Ride Sharing Application. I also managing a Data Science Company and an E-Commerce Company.

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Now, I am very blessed and thankful for what I have.

Here we are again, in this Global Pandemic Outbreak. A lot of rank and file and ordinary employees are laid-off from their job. Some are being sent to work-from-home. Are you prepared for this kind of "New Normal".

How many are jobless today? What is the future of malls? I can say that is the era of a remote workers or if not, put-up your own business.

These what you will need:

  1. Business - Think of the most profitable business with this kind of Situation. Obviously an e-commerce.
  2. Putting up a business is not as easy as setting up your own website. You need to have some source of income or capital. You need to read a lot and you need to have a comprehensive guide.
  3. Marketing. You need to market your business and you need to populate it the the google search, you need to market it in facebook, in messenger, etc. But Marketing a business is not as easy as creating a page. You need to have a concrete idea and skills on how to target your audience and/or market.

Honestly, It did costs me less than $210.

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