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Learning Data Science and Python Programming at the same time in one Course

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Data Science is a Multi-Disciplinary Skills in Statistics/Data Mining, Computer Science and Business Management. 

It is expected for a Data Scientists to have a wide spectrum knowledge on these domains of expertise and have at least stock knowledge in SQL, Python, R/R Studio, and many others analytic tools to be used including tools for Visualization such as Tableau, D3, Microsoft Power BI, QlikView, Sisense and the like. 

Data Science Courses is proud to offer these skills and expertise. This is a product of the long years of actual experience of the authors. Authors of these courses have more than 17 years of experience in the field from different sectors such as Academe, Banking and Finance, Shared Services, Telco, Insurance, Medical and Health Allied, E-Commerce, Sports, Energy, Environment and almost all sector. 

Authors have a Degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Business Management (MBA) and Laws which encapsulate all the skills expected for a Data Scientists. 

Four data scientists have gathered together to discuss the industry needs, hence the need to help Philippine companies leverage on AI applications with quality services equal to foreign counterparts and at competitive rates. Our industry experience in AI projects are our utmost competence with background in Academic work. We do ethical AI methods in our projects, keeping minding the data privacy of customer information and at the same time delivering business value to organizations


“To Maintain and be regarded as Trailblazer in the Research Industry through Unswerving Quality Services”

“To produce and mold more than 500 Data Scientist by 2022”



“To become the most dominant in Research Industry and Reliable Research Partner in Producing High Quality Researches”

“To Continuously Maintain the Ethical Practices, Legal Matter, Social and Personal Camaraderie with its Stakeholders and Personal Conscience Framework”

“To Recognize the stakeholder’s right to quality services, timely delivery of services at the most cost-effective  prices”


Lesson 1:

Simplified Approach to Data Science - Is an online Course on Data Science which uses practical example and actual use of Python Programming. This one of the capstone course which encapsulate skills in Data Science and at the same time Introduction of Python.





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