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Simplified Approach to Data Science

Posted by Vincent Bongolan on

Welcome to this very comprehensive lesson about Data Science. I will be going to explain the very basic of Data Science based on my practical experience before I became a Data Scientist and an AI Lead for Innovation.

We can easily define Data Science as there are so many reading materials and mediums available in the internet and from different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., but only few have been able to practically point-out and illustrate the actual job and expectations for Data Scientists.

Because of this very vague definition of Data Science, a lot of companies and even aspirant are having difficulty in understanding what Data Science really is.

In this lesson, I will be going to discuss the different stages, different phases, different skills-set and different competencies required for a Data Scientist. This is to guide aspiring data scientist on where and how to start their career in Data Science.

During these past few months, a lot of companies all throughout the world are struggling to survive because of the temporary suspension of their operations during the lock-down caused by the Global Pandemic Outbreak. One thing I can share with my students is that a company who invested in Technology cannot just be swayed down by unforeseen situation such as the COVID-19. I can say that because of the innovation projects of the company, we are able to cope up during hard times. We still managed to help other member countries because of the stability of the business.

So, bear with me and do not leave any part of this lesson if you are still confused

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