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Build a Dashboard? Build an AI Application? Build a Model? Train a Robot? Do the Automation in JUST 6 Hours?

Posted by Umar Farooq on

Build a Dashboard? Build an AI Application? Build a Model? Train a Robot? Do the Automation in JUST 6 Hours?

Why Do We Need To Learn Python?

Python is very useful in general aside from being an open-source programming language. It was used by Amazon, Google, Reddit, Instagram, and all other big companies around the world.

  • Python is user-friendly programming language – Python was able to simplify coding process just like transforming complicated coding to make it simpler and more straightforward. This what makes Python easy to learn and understand that even kids can able to understand and use.

  • Python makes us more Productive – Instead of us taking further education to know the old school programming languages, Python makes everything simple. It makes the Programming task a lot easier compared with other programming languages.

  • Python is very Dangerous in a Positive way – It can used for anything. It is very powerful as you can generate insights based from actual sentiments of the people, It can replicate things through machine learning algorithms, It can automate things through automation, It can replicate human through the development of virtual agents and the like. Because of its powers, it comes with great responsibility. It can be dangerous if you will use its powers to connive with evil who have a lot of destruction activities which includes all forms of fraud.

  • Python is a language for creating a script – You can directly type your script to its interpretation environment such as IDLE and many other. It does not require compilation like any other languages. You can easily detect and identify errors in your scripts. This makes a programming a fan activity.

  • Python is a Cross-Platform Programming Language – Anyone can use it as long as you have the motivation and purpose of using it. If you are in non-analytics field but you want to learn this because you have a goal and motivation, you can easily use it. You can use and install Python on Windows, Mac, Linux and from other platform like Raspberry Pi. You can also run Python on Android and IOS tablets.

  • Python uses dynamic typing of variables – When you start programming, you do not actually need to explain the machine what the variables is supposed to be. You can just write your variables as it is.

  • Python is very collaborative language – there are so many experts have written libraries. You do not need to build and create your own library as there are available libraries in place. All you can do is to install.

  • Python is Open-Source Programming Language – It does not require you to pay for licenses. You can download and run python from different distribution channels like such as Anaconda.


Where to use Python

Python can be use everywhere and anywhere. You can use Python to whatever you plan to do or interested to work on.

  • In Space – Python was used for the Central Command System at the International Space Station’s Robonaut 2. The European Mission to Mars was planning to use Python to collect and study soil samples.

  • In laboratories – Python was used to generate insights from the atom smashing experiments at the CERN Large Hadron Collider.

  • In Astronomy – Python was used to control and monitor system of the MeerKat Radio Telescope Array.

  • In Movie Studio – The Star Wars experts uses Python to automate movie productions. Effects Software’s computer-generated imagery program Houdini uses Python for the Programming interface and to script the engine.

  • In Games – Activision uses Python for building games, testing, and analyzing stuffs. They are also using Python to detect people cheating in game activity.

  • In Video and Music Industry – Spotify, Netflix, and other streaming services uses Python for the recommendation engine. It understand the people’s preference when it comes to music, movies and therefore, automatically generate recommendations.

  • In Search Engine – Google uses Python all over in its early development stage.

  • In Medicine – Other Medical Institution, Drugs Manufacturing company uses Python to develop medicine for illnesses such as Cancer.

  • In Virtual Agents and Robots – Python was used to developed applications for robots.

  • Internet-of-things(IoT) – you can use python to developed application for automation and for other integrated systems in the Internet-of-things.

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The RISE and EXPLOSION of Careers in Big Data Professionals: The Rise of BIG DATA SCIENCE Professionals

Posted by Vincent Bongolan on

The RISE and EXPLOSION of Careers in Big Data Professionals: The Rise of BIG DATA SCIENCE Professionals

I can see that in the next couple of years, most enterprises will embrace and embed Artificial Intelligence  in their business. This will give rise to different professionals in the areas of Computer Vision, Image Processing and Recognition, Speech and Text Professionals, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Generation Experts. There will also rise in Augmented Reality Experts or Virtual Reality Experts. 

Thus, there will be an big leap and explosion of Data Science Professionals. There will be an Explosive Need for Big Data Professionals or individuals who can confidently understand and make use of Big Data. Individuals who can generate insights from Big Data. 

The need for professionals and experienced Big Data Analysts is now becoming urgent. 

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Different Ways to Earn Money from the comfort of your home: A Comprehensive Walk though on how to look for an Opportunity at Home

Posted by Vincent Bongolan on

Different Ways to Earn Money from the comfort of your home: A Comprehensive Walk though on how to look for an Opportunity at Home

Anything that we can do at the comfort of our home is considered a homebased and/or work-from-home working environment. This type of work does not require everyone to report for work physically in the office. Because of the advancement in Technology, doing work at the comfort of our home will be easier. We can still perform the task seamlessly and more efficient and less costly.

To learn these opportunities at home, these are the following options to look into.  I also included my actual actual accounts.









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Sentiment Analysis

Posted by Vincent Bongolan on

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis is the application of a Natural Language Processing to interpret and classify emotions and sentiments within text analysis techniques. It helps identify whether a text data exhibit positive, negative, or neutral sentiment. It is very useful for businesses which offers services including those e-commerce sectors, telco, and other enterprises with an online visibility simply to understand what the customers has said about their products and services. Sentiment Analysis is a text analysis technique which detects the Polarity and Subjectivity or the Positive and Negative tone in a word or sentence in the whole documents, paragraphs, or clause. Understanding...

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