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The RISE and EXPLOSION of Careers in Big Data Professionals: The Rise of BIG DATA SCIENCE Professionals

Posted by Vincent Bongolan on

The World is in Struggle which give rise to what we call "New Normal". This New Normal situation bring us some lesson - be prepared to adopt what future bring us. We need to strengthen resiliency in everything we do. 

I can see that in the couple of years, most enterprises will be shifting to new business model to adopt the new normal environment. Take the Global Pandemic Outbreak as an obvious driver for technology innovation or the technological Transformation. There are actually enterprises which are already in this transformation prior to this outbreak, thus the pandemic outbreak makes the process of transformation faster as planned. 

I can see that in the next couple of years, most enterprises will embrace and embed Artificial Intelligence  in their business. This will give rise to different professionals in the areas of Computer Vision, Image Processing and Recognition, Speech and Text Professionals, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Generation Experts. There will also rise in Augmented Reality Experts or Virtual Reality Experts. 

Thus, there will be an big leap and explosion of Data Science Professionals. There will be an Explosive Need for Big Data Professionals or individuals who can confidently understand and make use of Big Data. Individuals who can generate insights from Big Data. 

The need for professionals and experienced Big Data Analysts is now becoming urgent. 

To become part and parcel of these NEEDS, an aspiring Professionals who want to join in this Bandwagon should know how to create or build a data-driven algorithms to provide or offer solutions to the enterprises. 

1. The individuals who are taking their steps to join in this bandwagon must be able to identify ways on how to help the organizations in reducing the operating costs and expenses.

2. The individuals have the enough skills and ideas to generate insights which helps to uncover high revenue or opportunities to grow the business and  its revenue. 

3. The individuals is expected to have a very wide understanding of the business to improve its performance and of course to generate sources of valuable products. 


Thus, the author have decided to write a very comprehensive course on Data Science and other Analytics. 


Vincent Bongolan is a Data Scientist by profession with more than 17 years of experience in the field of analytics. He took up Bachelor in Applied Statistics, Masters in Applied Statistics and Bachelor of Laws. 

His 17 years of experience covered the Areas of Statistics, Data Science, Business Intelligence and all other Analytics domain. 

He is now working for the Asian Development Bank as A Sr. Data Scientist and an AI Lead for Innovation. 





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