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The Seamless and Faster Performance Booster in Computing and Modern Computer Parts and Accessories: SSD vs. HDD

Posted by Vincent Bongolan on

Type of Storage

Storage is one of the most important parts, accessories or components of a computer or laptop. This is where we save and store our files and other documents. When we talk about these computer components, we talk of a USB Flash Drive or an External Hard Disk Drive (HDD). We used to buy computer and laptop with 256 GB, 500 GB to 1 TB of Hard Drive installed in Drive D. There is also storage that was introduced at this Pantheon of Technology such as the Synology NAS Drive and many other brands.

After few years, we became more interested with the speed of the processors or the seamless performance of our computers that is why we became interested with the Read Access Memory (RAM) from 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, etc. The reason is more focused on seamless processes that when we open our file it will immediately be opened. That when we open the applications, we want to use we wanted to load it immediately. If the RAM of our computers is full, we might encounter some logs, and slow performance.

SSD which stands for Solid State Drive was first introduced in Laptops. It is one of the latest technologies to replace Hard Disk Drive (HDD). This is a hardware component in a computer that stores data. The operating System of a computer was also installed on this drive. It allows the computer to boot into an interface that the user can navigate.

Previously, we only save files and documents to HDD, USB Flash Drive and other external drive such as the Synology NAS and avoid storing it to Drive C because it will slow the performance of the computer when gets full. As much as possible, we only save few and selected files to Drive C to avoid slow performance.

Thanks to this Technological Advancement because it always aimed at making us more productive by having seamless computing because of the fast processing. With the SSD, it makes our computing more convenient and more seamless. It has a very reliable and faster processing.

Do you know the reason why it is much faster to have an SSD installed in your computer rather than having an HDD? Your computer processor works faster even if you have 1TB or 2 TB of HDD compared to SSD even if its only 240GB? The reason is because there are no moving parts inside SSD which makes it faster than HDD which has a lot of moving parts inside it. SSD is entirely digital and saves information to Microchips like flash drives, unlike HDD with there are so much parts inside that spins, with a mechanical arm writing and rewriting information on the drive platter is different sectors. Because SSD has no moving parts, it is far less likely to fail or even damage like a wear and tear movement. It has also more reliable than hard disk and have an outstanding life. It has longer life span.

SSD function at a very higher speed than HDDs because it can randomly access data at any time and in multiple tasks, while the read/write arm of the HDD must reach the right sector of the rotating platter. This what makes the SSDs the better choice for the user concerned with the fast boot up and a very quick and seamless performance, especially if you are doing the photo or video editing and or rendering and other high processing tasks.

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