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Apply to More than 3-Million Work-From-Home Jobs

Posted by Vincent Bongolan on


There might be no single individual on Earth who is not dreaming and aiming for financial freedom. Everyone is dreaming of a bountiful and a wealthy life. But not all people are doing everything to achieve financial freedom. Thus, there is a gap that need to be fix.

It is always the nature of many that they do not appreciate other avenues of opportunities until they are on the most critical stage of their life and almost on the verge of giving-up because of the too much struggles and upheavals. They will not going to appreciate these new normal because they are still aware that they still have friends, family and relatives who are still helping them.  I knew it because I was once experienced the most critical stage of my career. I am very optimistic that I could still land a job because I am very confident with my education and working experiences. I flew to Singapore and Malaysia to find for an opportunity, but I went back to Philippines with nothing; stressed and hopeless.  I was jobless for more than a year and loss of any chance of survival. I am on the verge of giving up and I am always crying for God’s intercession.

My house and lot have been repossessed by the bank. I also lost my cars. I lost most of my friends. I lost some of my relatives whom I have helped prior to my most difficult chapter of my life. The only gems I have with me was my family – my immediate family. They do not have much financial source to help pay my credit cards, but their moral support is more than enough to boost my confidence. What will happen to them if I give up and that is the only thing that encourages me to do anything to regain what have lost.

I wake up one morning with a smile and a positive outlook. I open my laptop and I read a lot until I discovered about the power of technology and internet. As a Data Scientist, I am very optimistic that there will be new beginning. That there is life and flexible opportunities that are far from the usual thing that we used to do – The Homebased or Work-From-Home Job Opportunities and Working Set-up.

We are all experiencing one of the most destructive and the most devastating phase of our time – The Global Pandemic Outbreak. The way we work is now changing and we do not know if its forever. The remote work situation is now practicing by almost all enterprises around the world. How are enterprises and workforce coping up with this new normal?

I started working-from-home in 2010 when I discovered a website with a pool of work-from-home opportunities. Based on that website, there are more than 3-million jobs are available and waiting for the qualified applicants. The Global Pandemic Outbreak rise to this kind of website which offers Work-From-Home Opportunities.

On my personal note, I can see that more and more businesses today are now thinking of revising their business model to adopt the new normal set-up. There might be more businesses who are turning to freelancers to get their job done in a very quick, efficient, and inexpensive manner.

According to research, there are more than 40% of executives expect to increase hiring of freelancers in the next 5 years. Of course, you should not allow that you will get left behind by this current remote work transformation. It is for us to embrace this new set-up of work. Just recently, Fujitsu announced that they will turn their business into work-from-home forever.

I just felt that it is very timely to share this most effective way of looking for a homebased or work-from-home job opportunities. It might be stressful for some, but we must embrace this new normal working set-up and environment. Stressful because this is not the usual thing that we used to do.

I am a Person with Disability (PWD), and I do not see any differences between the old school working set-up and the new normal. For me, this is just an obvious effect of Technology Transformation – The Digital Era. Like I said, I’ve been working from home since 2010 thus it is not new for me.


Data Engine Training & Consultancy

Statisticsdoctor Consultancy started its humble beginning in the year 2004 by the two students at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines who’s taking up Bachelor in Applied Statistics.

It was May 2012 when Vincent was able to hear about Homebased Job. He creates his resume in the website and then applies for work. He receives clients thru this website form different Industry. He has a client from TELSTRA, and other companies abroad.

Because his network is growing each day, he then decided to put-up his own Data Science Company – Statisticsdoctor Consultancy. He is now started the incorporation of the company. 2017 when Statisticsdoctor Consultancy won the bidding in the survey initiated by Clark International Airport. In same year, they got an international client supporting all universities in the United Kingdom. They provide statistical and data science dashboard report to the clients.

Four data scientists have gathered to discuss the industry needs, hence the need to help Philippine companies leverage on AI applications with quality services equal to foreign counterparts and at competitive rates. Our industry experience in AI projects are our utmost competence with background in Academic work. We do ethical AI methods in our projects, keeping minding the data privacy of customer information and at the same time delivering business value to organizations

To capture the growing demands in Data Science, they decided to change their company name into Data Engine Training and Consultancy.



“To Maintain and be regarded as Trailblazer in the Research Industry through Unswerving Quality Services”

“To produce and mold more than 500 Data Scientist by 2022”



“To become the most dominant in Research Industry and Reliable Research Partner in Producing High Quality Researches”

“To Continuously Maintain the Ethical Practices, Legal Matter, Social and Personal Camaraderie with its Stakeholders and Personal Conscience Framework”

“To Recognize the stakeholder’s right to quality services, timely delivery of services at the most cost-effective  prices”


Etech International

ETech International is a 100% Filipino owned e-commerce platform in the Philippines which was born due to the growing demands in the online buying of almost all products because of the “New Normal” business model around the world.

ETech International is a start-up business situated in the Philippines and sourcing their products from the biggest retailers in the world so there is no need to travel abroad to buy items that is only made available for certain countries.



 “Our Vision is to build a community of Entrepreneurs around the world with the most inspiring success stories that will also provides an inspiration to others in achieving their dreams and aspirations”



“Our Mission is to helps thousands if not millions of individuals areound the world to become a self-made millionnaires if not billionnaires and help them achieve financial freedom by providing high quality educational products and guidance to regain from their loss and to inspire  community.




Anything that we can do at the comfort of our home is considered a homebased and/or work-from-home working environment. This type of work does not require everyone to report for work physically in the office. Because of the advancement in Technology, doing work at the comfort of our home will be easier. We can still perform the task seamlessly and more efficient and less costly.


Work-From-Home Job Websites - A Work-From-Home Job Websites are different from the Job Search Engines because Work-from-home job websites are somewhat similar to the current practice that enterprises are doing for business continuity. Enterprises are just letting their workforce to work from the comfort of their home.

Under Work-from-home Job Websites, enterprises or individuals are using third party websites to monitor or handle the people working for them. Work-from-home websites have their own system to monitor the activity of the people working for the assigned task.

Enterprises or individuals who are looking for freelancers or have job requirements will just post their need on the website. Their job includes the complete description of the job, the timeframe, and their budget for the project.

On the other hand, a freelancer should also need to apply for the job. It is also required that freelancers should provide their information and identification as a proof of their legitimacy and identity.

The above profile is my Work-From-Home Job and these are all related to my area of expertise as a graduate of Statistics. Since these jobs are homebased, I still have the luxury of time to managed during my free time apart from my full-time job at the Asian Development Bank(ADB) as a Sr. Data Scientist and an AI Lead for Innovation.

I started with $5 per hour, but now I am earning $18.75 per hour and I already earned more than $6000 from 31 completed jobs and there are some ongoing jobs depending on my availability. I have worked for only 309 hours to earn that $6000.

This work-from-home is no difference with the old school and work-on-site or in the office in terms of salary and compensation and is a lot more convenience because an individual with work-from-home job don’t need to buy office uniforms, spend money for transportation and wake-up early to beat the traffic and spend money for other miscellaneous expenses when working in the office.

Drop shipping/ E-Commerce Website – A Drop-shipping or an E-commerce is a type of business related to selling of items and services. A founder or an owner of this kind of business or anyone who want to venture into this kind of business should build their own e-commerce website.

There are also differences between an E-commerce website and a drop-shipping website. In an E-Commerce website, founder or sellers should have an inventory and on-hand products and services which are already available when there are buyers who visits the website.

In a drop-shipping website, there is no inventory requirements on the part of the owner because what it does is to import or integrate their website to other e-commerce websites. For example, Etech International is a dropshipping business where we linked or integrate products from the AliExpress. We are using third-party website or system website to copy or extract or to link the products of another website to our website. Buying and Selling of products and servicer are transacted to the dropshipping website, however the delivery and fulfillment of the items bought from the dropshipping website was then submitted to the original sellers from the E-Commerce Website.

Etech International is a dropshipping company which I founded at the height of Pandemic Outbreak because I feel that there is a high demand of an online business where there is no need for a face-to-face transactions and selling of products and services.

ETech International is a 100% Filipino owned e-commerce platform in the Philippines which was born due to the growing demands in the online buying of almost all products because of the “New Normal” business model around the world.

ETech International is a start-up business situated in the Philippines and sourcing their products from the biggest retailers in the world so there is no need to travel abroad to buy items that is only made available for certain countries.

We are proud suppliers of Electronics Gadgets and Devices from Mobile Phones and Mobile Accessories, we also sell Home Items, Office Items, Products and Services. All items are being sold online through my website. All products and items are being sourced from other biggest retailers such as Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon and the like.

Fulfillment of the bought products are directly ship by the seller to the buyers, but the payment was transacted to my website – Etech.International. This is one of the very timely business that we should consider because it does not require a dropshipper to have an inventory of products, devices, or any items. The only thing that a dropshipper to do is to maintain and managed the website which is pretty easy to handle and doesn’t need a super skilled person to do.      


Google Adsense – This is a type of work that can be done at home. If you are a writer and your passion is related to writing, you can publish your work to any platforms and submit it to Google for monetization.

Google Adsense is a program run by Google where they give rewards or pay the publishers for the contents their being shared on the internet. Content can be in the form of an Articles related to sciences, related to natures, related to Educations and all forms of writing. Content can also be in the form of a Video or in the form of a Photo or Images.

Anything that we share on the internet can now be monetize. All you need is a platform to submit or publish such as Blogs, Youtube, or Websites. Facebook recently announced their monetization programs.


Google Adsense is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

In other words, any individuals, groups, or enterprises which shares their contents over the internet by means of any platforms managed by Google are monetized. If you are good in writing and want to share your articles online, you will get paid. If you are good in taking photos and share it over the internet, you will also get paid. Any contents you share over the internet will get paid by Google.

In this Course, I will be discussing the steps-by-steps procedures on how to maximize the power of the Internet. I will be discussing how to monetize all the contents that you want to share over the internet. I will be discussing how to implement the google adsense code to your blogs or websites.


Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. The affiliate simply searches for a product they enjoy, then promotes that product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make. The sales are tracked via affiliate links from one website to another.

                  In other words, you are looking for an item and or products on the internet. You did your google search and you found the items/products of your choice. During the time you are buying the items or products, it came up to your idea that people will get interested on the products as well if they will learn about this. What you do is to talk to the seller of the product, and you have suggestion that you will help him sell the products or share the products to your own social media account to let the people know about it.

            In exchange of the sales you generate from sharing the products, you will get a commission from the original seller. Affiliate Marketing works by sharing or delegating the responsibilities of marketing the products or items to other parties or individuals.

            This is a marketing a marketing strategy of a products owner. They maximize the ability of their consumers to help them spread and sell the products they are selling. In exchange of the effort of their customers in selling their products in the form of posting or resharing to Social Media and other platform, they manage to pay them for sales that are generated by these sharers by means of a commission or profit sharing.

                  Product owner is only looking for a sharer of their products. Thus, there is no qualifications being looking for a sharer because selling of the items, descriptions of the products or items, benefits from the products or items are still the owner’s responsibility. This has made sense because as an owner of the products/items, you knew everything about it to avoid creating doubts, or misinformation.         

            All you are asking from the sharer is to share the links of the products or items to your social media accounts

                  If there are buyers or people who saw your post about the products that you shred and eventually, they became interested to buy, they will be redirected to the owner’s website to get to know more about the products and items.

                  If that person has decided to purchase the products or items, you will get a commission. Owner of the products should have a very good and straightforward dashboard and monitoring system to determine from whose sharer to award the commission.


              Unity Network is an education and training company for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. We educate Filipinos how to start, operate and grow online businesses and small businesses. Our core products are online education products and live event seminars. Currently we have more than 70,000 students.

                        We started in 2016 and founded by Eduard Reformina. Our customers are entrepreneurs and small business owners. Some have been in business for years but majority of our customers are just starting out with their entrepreneurial journeys. Currently we have more than 70,000 customers and affiliates.


Investing in a Stock Market - Stocks are shares of ownership in a corporation. The stock market is a place where stocks are bought and sold. The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) is the corporation that governs our local stock market. People buy or invest in stocks to benefit from a company's tremendous value potential over time

Once you buy or invest into a stock you now become part owner or a shareholder of that corporation. As a Shareholder, you can now participate in the company's growth and success through stock Price Appreciation and by earnings Dividends.

Capital or price appreciation is an increase in the market price of your stock over time brought about by an increase in its potential value and the demand to buy its shares. The faster a company can grow, the faster its price can appreciate.

Profitable corporations can also issue dividends, whether in cash or in additional shares of stock as a means for shareholders to share in their distributed profits. History has proven that investing in quality stocks can provide greater returns than most investment instruments. This offers you the best chance in achieving your financial goals and gives you the ability to later enjoy the benefits of your money working for you.

The track record of the stock market also shows that a good basket of stocks climb more often than decline - reducing risk over the long-term.

                Another reason why stocks can outperform other asset classes is because it can compound the value of your investment. Companies can reinvest the profits they make to generate even more profit. Moreover, any dividends you receive can also be used to buy more shares and thereby enlarging your overall value as well.

The track record of the stock market also shows that a good basket of stocks climb more often than decline - reducing risk over the long-term.

Another reason why stocks can outperform other asset classes is because it can compound the value of your investment. Companies can reinvest the profits they make to generate even more profit. Moreover, any dividends you receive can also be used to buy more shares and thereby enlarging your overall value as well.


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