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Work-From-Home Dream Job and Ways To Earn Money form the Internet

Posted by Vincent Bongolan on

There might be no single individual on Earth who is not dreaming and aiming for financial freedom. Everyone is dreaming of a bountiful and a wealthy life. But not all people are doing everything to achieve financial freedom. Thus, there is a gap that need to be fix.

It is always the nature of many that they do not appreciate other avenues of opportunities until they are on the most critical stage of their life and almost on the verge of giving-up because of the too much struggles and upheavals. They will not going to appreciate these new normal because they are still aware that they still have friends, family and relatives who are still helping them.  I knew it because I was once experienced the most critical stage of my career. I am very optimistic that I could still land a job because I am very confident with my education and working experiences. I flew to Singapore and Malaysia to find for an opportunity, but I went back to Philippines with nothing; stressed and hopeless.  I was jobless for more than a year and loss of any chance of survival. I am on the verge of giving up and I am always crying for God’s intercession.

My house and lot have been repossessed by the bank. I also lost my cars. I lost most of my friends. I lost some of my relatives whom I have helped prior to my most difficult chapter of my life. The only gems I have with me was my family – my immediate family. They do not have much financial source to help pay my credit cards, but their moral support is more than enough to boost my confidence. What will happen to them if I give up and that is the only thing that encourages me to do anything to regain what have lost.

I wake up one morning with a smile and a positive outlook. I open my laptop and I read a lot until I discovered about the power of technology and internet. As a Data Scientist, I am very optimistic that there will be new beginning. That there is life and flexible opportunities that are far from the usual thing that we used to do – The Homebased or Work-From-Home Job Opportunities and Working Set-up.

We are all experiencing one of the most destructive and the most devastating phase of our time – The Global Pandemic Outbreak. The way we work is now changing and we do not know if its forever. The remote work situation is now practicing by almost all enterprises around the world. How are enterprises and workforce coping up with this new normal?

I started working-from-home in 2010 when I discovered a website with a pool of work-from-home opportunities. Based on that website, there are more than 3-million jobs are available and waiting for the qualified applicants. The Global Pandemic Outbreak rise to this kind of website which offers Work-From-Home Opportunities.

On my personal note, I can see that more and more businesses today are now thinking of revising their business model to adopt the new normal set-up. There might be more businesses who are turning to freelancers to get their job done in a very quick, efficient, and inexpensive manner.

According to research, there are more than 40% of executives expect to increase hiring of freelancers in the next 5 years. Of course, you should not allow that you will get left behind by this current remote work transformation. It is for us to embrace this new set-up of work. Just recently, Fujitsu announced that they will turn their business into work-from-home forever.

I just felt that it is very timely to share this most effective way of looking for a homebased or work-from-home job opportunities. It might be stressful for some, but we must embrace this new normal working set-up and environment. Stressful because this is not the usual thing that we used to do.

I am a Person with Disability (PWD), and I do not see any differences between the old school working set-up and the new normal. For me, this is just an obvious effect of Technology Transformation – The Digital Era. Like I said, I’ve been working from home since 2010 thus it is not new for me.



Anything that we can do at the comfort of our home is considered a homebased and/or work-from-home working set-up and environment. This type of work does not require everyone to report for work physically in the office

Because of the advancement in Technology, doing work at the comfort of our home will be a lot easier. We can still perform the task seamlessly and more efficient and less costly.



  * Work-from-home Job Websites

  * Drop-shipping E-Commerce Business

  * Google Adsense

  * Affiliate Marketing

  * Stock Market     



There are more than 3 Million work-from-home jobs available on the internet and it has been here for long years. I have been in this kind of set-up/ environment since 2010 as a part-time basis (But I’m planning to make it full-time because I need it and I must embrace the New Normal)

In fact, I already finished more than 31 jobs and earned more than thousand US Dollars. And I am sharing this kind of opportunities to the public. 

What are you waiting for?




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