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Statisticsdoctor Consultancy started its humble beginning in the year 2004 by the two students at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines who’s taking up Bachelor in Applied Statistics.

It was May 2012 when Vincent was able to hear about Homebased Job. He creates his resume in the website and then applies for work. He receives clients thru this website form different Industry. He has a client from TELSTRA, and other companies abroad.
Because his network is growing each day, he then decided to put-up his own Data Science Company – Statisticsdoctor Consultancy. He is now started the incorporation of the company. 2017 when Statisticsdoctor Consultancy won the bidding in the survey initiated by Clark International Airport. In same year, they got an international client supporting all universities in the United Kingdom. They provide statistical and data science dashboard report to the clients.

Four data scientists have gathered together to discuss the industry needs, hence the need to help Philippine companies leverage on AI applications with quality services equal to foreign counterparts and at competitive rates. Our industry experience in AI projects are our utmost competence with background in Academic work. We do ethical AI methods in our projects, keeping minding the data privacy of customer information and at the same time delivering business value to organizations

To capture the growing demands in Data Science, they decided to change their company name into Data Engine Training and Consultancy.

“To Maintain and be regarded as Trailblazer in the Research Industry through Unswerving Quality Services”

“To produce and mold more than 500 Data Scientist by 2022”

“To become the most dominant in Research Industry and Reliable Research Partner in Producing High Quality Researches”

“To Continuously Maintain the Ethical Practices, Legal Matter, Social and Personal Camaraderie with its Stakeholders and Personal Conscience Framework”

“To Recognize the stakeholder’s right to quality services, timely delivery of services at the most cost-effective prices”

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