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About Us


Etech International is one of the fastest growing business that envisioned to discover the emerging technologies that are currently developing. Every sector in the society, every industry around the world is undergoing a digital transformation.

Emerging Technology is a general buzzword that greatly give emphasis to the upcoming and new technology, but this also referred to as the continuous development and improvement of the existing technologies.

Emerging Technologies are kept on improving and generating existing and current opportunities while creating a lot of challenges to everyone. There is development of technologies, but it gives rise to issues of lack of competencies of some individuals, thus there is always a need for us to upskills ourselves in order for us to adapt to these changes.

Name it.

Think of it.

And I can tell you, Programming can do always do it.

What else on Earth today where we cannot use of the Programming. Programming has always the solutions for all these things.

This what makes python programming language as one of the most innovative and the one of the most popular programming tools today and on the coming few decades. It is expected to dominate the programming space in the next decades as it continuously evolving and growing at the Pantheon of Technology. Julia is another programming language develop by Google and is expected to create its own space at this technological revolution. Apache Hadoop, Spark, Scala are also creating their footprints to cater Big Data.

With its unprecedented power and usefulness, Python has become one of the hottest and the fastest growing programming language since it was launched by Guido Van Rossum in 1990s and is become one of the buzzword in Technology and Analytics today.

Data Science is defined as a multi-disciplinary skill in Statistics/ Data Mining, Computer Science and Business Managements. Data Science was regarded as the solution to provide a scalable insight based on Big Data. It can help business and enterprises to become resilient for any abrupt changes in the business and during uncertainties.

With the current situation that we are facing today, there are some enterprises around the world which order their employees to work-from-home until the end of the year or all throughout the succeeding years to come. These businesses exhibit high level of resiliency and they prepared their business with this abrupt uncertainty that struct the world.

Aligning our skills and competencies with technology might be difficult for now and for some of us, but as you noticed technology itself is making everything less difficult and making it less complicated for us. There are developing tools which helps the machine to do self-coding, thus programmers tomorrow will be done by Robots.

If you want to align yourself with the emerging technologies and the current needs of the business, all you can do is to embrace the current trends in Technologies. Secure yourself by learning the skills of tomorrow before being left unskilled.

 Thus, Etech International was born to fix the gap and to introduce the current and existing emerging technologies that we can use today and tomorrow.



 “Our Vision is to build a community of Entrepreneurs around the world with the most inspiring success stories that will also provides an inspiration to others in achieving their dreams and aspirations”



“Our Mission is to helps thousands if not millions of individuals areound the world to become a self-made millionnaires if not billionnaires and help them achieve financial freedom by providing high quality educational products and guidance to regain from their loss and to inspire  community.




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