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About Us

Etech is an E-Commerce Store that aims to provide the buyers community with the highest quality, reliable and valuable products for daily living in support of the new normal situation where everyone’s ability to buy on Physical Stores are very limited to attain the highest level of protection and to avoid being contracted by the virus.

We are also vows to provide products and services to make life easier, more practical, less time consuming and affordable offerings at the most cost-effective shipping and delivery because we have a partner logistics to deliver the products right after the buyer placed their orders.

 Our online shop has a wide variety of product categories and sub-categories to specifically understand the consumers at large. We have clothing and apparel, Health and Beauty, Gadgets and Electronics, Printing Press Products and Materials, Frozen Food Products from the Authentic Food Makers, Statistics and Data Analysis Services, Households Products and Items and other valuable categories.

 We also wish to help aspiring entrepreneurs by offering an affiliate services where they can share our website to potential buyers and when that potential buyers has placed their orders from the shared website, we can able to identify the sharer of the website and therefore they can get commission for up to 10% from each products sales. All they need to do is to share our website to any social platform without having an on-hand products because we will try to make it available all the time.

 We will also provide the highest level of customer service to answer all inquiries from buyers and affiliates.

 Our Story

Because of the Global Pandemic Outbreak, our movement outside our home become limited and our traditional way of shopping was changed because of the guidelines and protocols imposed by the Government.

The founder is a Data Scientist by profession with more than 18 years of experience in Research and Technology. The founder is also teaching in the university and he felt the impact of the new normal. The founder is also a Person with Disability (PWD) and therefore, it was so hard for him to go outside to eat, or shop and even teach in the university.

He started selling computer parts and accessories to help the learners or students to have something to use in the Online Class. Because of the success of the business, the founder was also consider selling clothing and apparel through his LHI Brand (Lellouch Hombre International)

Everyone’s Fashion is our motivation.

If there is anything we know about our customers – They wanted a Trendy, Catchy and Comfortable Attire. They wanted to look gorgeous and hot even outside their home.

Keeping them effortlessly stylish every day and every hour lies at what we always think and do. At LHI wear shop, we are true to our Mission to provide a very simple, affordable, trendy, and catchy clothing lines. Our line of products is always for everyone regardless of your looks, and how body fit and sizes. We have the looks you always wanted.

At Lellouch Hombre International (LHI), we want you to be more comfortable, confident, and fashionable from the moment you buy our products. We provide your fashion. We provide your convenience. We provide your lifestyle.

And now, the founder has decided to invest in Health and Beauty products, Food Products and other lines of products that can be purchased online by the consumers.


Our Mission is to offer you the highest qualityof products at the most cost-effective prices. We are offering these with a lot of convenience for all our trusted buyers and to make sure that they have more time with their family and home, we will deliver all the products they bought right at their doorstep.


Our Vision is to build a brand that could help and support every family to benefits such as strengthening their family bonding. All they need to do is to wait for the products they shop from our store.

We want them to enjoy effortless shopping experience.

Vincent Torre Bongolan

Founder/ President

E-Tech International – “Your One-Stop Online Shop”