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Ninja Ion Wearable Air Purifier with 200 Millions Anions

Ninja Ion Wearable Air Purifier with 200 Millions Anions

ETech International

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Negative Ions, also known as “ Vitamins of the Air” has proven helps increases physiological health, productivity, and over-all well-being is now making waves in the health and wellness market.

Most air conditioners and air purifier brands not only include an anti-microbial filter but also equip their units with a so-called “negative ion generator”.

And what exactly the Negative Ions do?

Negative Ions are atoms having more electrons than protons, which usually generated either by high electrical discharge in the atmosphere by lightning or by the violent crushing of ocean waves.

That’s why your body feels relaxed, calm, and composed every time you step outside just after a thunderstorm or if you’re near an ocean.

Negative Ions also impact the quality of the air we breathe as reports showed that it helps people in relieving symptoms of allergies from dust, molds spores, and other allergens.

Because of these increasing information on the positive things that negative Ion brings, more and more negative ion air purifiers are coming out. Some of them are as big as suitcases while others are as small as a bread toaster.

With that, the Company that gave you the hottest Covid19 Pandemic protection essential CopperMask, has also launched Ninja Ion, a personal air purifier and portable negative ion generator which you can use to better safeguard yourself.

A three-inch size and only weighs 35 grams, this Personal Negative Ion Purifier packs a Powerful punch by releasing an industry-leading 200 Million Negative Ion count per second which will provide a maximum of one-meter radius protection for the user.

Easy to operate, USB Charging capable, and could last for at least 80 hours on one full charging.

Wear it like a necklace with a lanyard provided, and it will start to release those negative Ions giving you the protection you need where you need it.

The NINJA ION aids in purifying the air around the wearer would block common allergens and dust particles. It could also help clear out the smoke and other dangerous Particulate Matter (PM) floating in the air and helps deactivate certain bacteria and viruses.


❤️ Wearable and good as Necklace Style❤️ Contains 200 Millions Anions Capabilities
❤️ Deactivates Viruses and Bacteria
❤️ Purify and Cleansed Air
❤️ Block common allergens and and dust particles
❤️ Long lasting Battery Life